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Are there still any deliveries?

Yes. We're currently offering our standard in-home delivery as well as a contactless option.

All new orders will default to the standard delivery unless otherwise requested by the customer. To select a contactless delivery, confirm with our customer support team for guidelines.

What are the guidelines for contactless delivery?

We request that our customers maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from the delivery teams at all times. Please clean your space before the arrival of our team so they have ample room to assemble or disassemble the furniture.

For all deliveries, we will be using text confirmation in place of signatures. We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

What is contactless delivery?

1. We’ll deliver the item(s) to your threshold, i.e. the front door of your home or apartment or your building lobby, based on what works best for you. Our team will not enter your home.

2. We will call you when we arrive and let you know when we’ve delivered your furniture. If we see you, we will wave a hello (ensuring we maintain a distance of at least 6 feet).

3. Your signature won’t be required — we will take pictures of the items and require a text confirmation that you received the items.

*Some multi-unit buildings are restricting access to non-residents and we are supportive of these measures. Please check with your building prior to our arrival as an unsuccessful delivery will incur a S$20 fee.

Are all products available for contactless delivery?

The majority of our items are available for contactless delivery. Most items will come fully assembled, though there are some that may require screwing on legs or tabletops. Bed frames will be delivered with all necessary hardware and assembly instructions. Mattresses will be delivered new and in the box. Some items may require a 2-person lift, so keep this in mind when browsing our products. We have added contactless delivery notes to each product page.

How can I prepare for my contactless delivery?

We recognize that each building or living space is unique. Once you place your order, our account management team will reach out to you to determine the nuances of your space. Some questions to prepare for include:

1. Does your building lobby or loading dock allow deliveries?

2. How much space do you have outside the door to your apartment (in your hallway or your floor) for the furniture to be placed?

3. What other spaces or alternatives exist in your building if we do not have enough space right outside your door?

Our team will determine the safest and least invasive place to place your items as close to your front door as possible. Rest assured, we will work with you to figure out the best solution.

Is there a maximum number of items I can order with contactless delivery?

There will be no maximum on the number of items per delivery. For an especially large delivery, or an especially limited threshold, the team will work to find creative solutions to allow for enough space to make the delivery. 

Do I need to be present for contactless delivery?

Yes, we require that you be home to receive your delivery. Depending on the entryway to your home, you may want to start taking your items inside as our team places them in your entryway, always while keeping a safe distance of at least 6 feet. Once our team has finished delivering your items, they will text you that your delivery is complete and you will assume responsibility for the items.

How will all my items arrive with contactless delivery?

The vast majority of your items will arrive fully or partially assembled so you can easily move the item from your entryway into your home. For items requiring partial assembly, you will only need to take 1-2 steps to complete the assembly (screwing legs into a sofa base, for example) and we will provide the necessary tools.

With certain items, fully or partially assembling items would either jeopardize its safety or make it difficult to move. In such cases, these items will arrive unassembled with detailed instructions and necessary tools required for assembly. Beds and mattresses will arrive brand new in a box.

What if I need help moving or assembling furniture in my home?

If you have elected contactless delivery, our team will not bring any items past your entryway into your home. In this scenario, you will be responsible for setting up any items that need to be assembled. We will share information about each item and how it will be delivered prior to our arrival so you can prepare to receive it. We will flag heavy or large items that may require help in advance.

If you have elected in-home delivery, our team will bring items fully into your living space and assemble everything. In this scenario, you will need to prep your space for their arrival and follow all modified safety guidelines for in-home trips, outlined above.

Are you still doing pick-ups and swaps?

Yes. However, in an effort to protect against COVID-19, all swaps and pickups will be contactless when possible. If a pickup or swap requires an in-home visit, please review the guidelines for in-home trips and let your account manager know that you’ll require an in-home visit.

In these times of uncertainty, our main priority is ensuring the safety of our employees, customers, and the communities we operate in. In addition to observing our new contactless delivery protocols, our delivery team have implemented a number of precautions recommended by health authorities.

1. Our furniture goes through a diligent refurbishment process before it is loaded on our delivery trucks. All hard surfaces (wood, metal, marble, leather, glass and hard plastic) are meticulously wiped with disinfectants. All upholstery and soft fabrics are steam cleaned at high temperatures.

2. All our delivery trucks are equipped with sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, latex gloves, and face masks.

3. Our delivery teams have been trained to clean their delivery trucks multiple times a day, and sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting your home.

4. Our team has been instructed to stay home if they show any flu-like symptoms, or if they have been exposed to anyone with symptoms.


I’m new to this. How do I order?

Pick the pieces you like, and add them to the cart. There is no minimum number of pieces that you need to lease. You may also rent pieces for different lease periods under your same order. You are not restricted to renting all the items for the same lease period.

Can I view these stylish pieces on my own?

We invite you to come by our showroom at 65 Tiong Poh Road, Singapore 160065. As visits are by appointment only, please book {hyperlink to youcanbookme} a time to see us.

Are all pieces brand new?

As a furniture rental service, we believe in maximizing the use of each sustainably produced item so as to minimize waste. Therefore we do not guarantee that all items you receive are brand new. However we do guarantee that every piece passes our eagle-eyed inspection before going out to your home. If an item has reached the end of its service life, we send it off on it’s merry way through responsible recycling methods. It’s what it would’ve wanted. 

It's sold. Where do I order?

You can leave your details on our waiting list. We will contact you as soon as we have the stock.

Can I extend my lease once my current lease period is up?

Yes, we’re happy if you’re happy.  Please contact through our customer support furniture@hmlet.com to extend the lease period.


What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept payment via available online payment options on our cart checkout.

When do I start paying rent?

The payment cycle will start from the date of your online purchase confirmation.

How much will delivery and removals cost?

A fee of S$20 applies for both delivery and removal.

When will my pieces be delivered?

The estimate delivery time varies on each product. However, our  fastest delivery will take 3-5 days after the online purchase confirmation.

Where do you deliver?

Where don’t we deliver? We deliver islandwide! 

Where don’t we deliver? We deliver islandwide! How do I return the pieces once my lease period is complete?

By not having to lift a finger. We will collect the pieces from your address within 7 days of your lease period’s end date. You just sit back and relax. 


Are my pieces covered by warranty?

Yes, all manufacturing defects are covered under warranty.

Oops, I’ve damaged a piece. What happens now?

Depending on the severity of the damage, we will charge you the assessed cost of repairs plus S$20 removal fee for collecting the damaged piece from your address. Repair costs range from SG$50 to up to 50% of the piece’s retail price. We appreciate that accidents happen, but do be careful! 

Can I unsubscribe before my lease expired?

If you need to return the rentals before the lease expires, a 1-month fee plus S$20 collection fee will apply. 

When should I inform you of my preferred removal date?

Please inform us of your preferred removal date at least 10 working days in advance. This will help us plan in advance and allow us to arrange for the best possible removal slot for you. 

Actually, I’ve decided I’m ready to commit. Can I purchase your pieces?

If you’ve fallen in love with our pieces and do not wish to return them, we offer the option to buyback. Get in touch with our team so we can make the necessary arrangements. 

Our Commitments

What happens to a piece after it’s returned?

We conduct thorough checks on all our pieces after they are returned to our warehouse. During these checks, we refresh and refurbish these pieces so that they are restored to tip-top condition, ready to go out to a new home again.

What happens when a piece is beyond repair?

When a piece has reached the end of its lifeline, we dispose of it by recycling. 

How are your pieces packaged?

We package our pieces with extra care and protection, whilst minimizing the use of plastic wrapping wherever possible. 

Where do you source your pieces from?

Our pieces are sourced from handpicked producers in Vietnam, Malaysia and China. We are consciously working with producers who adhere to sustainable manufacturing practices in line with our commitment to the environment. 

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