About us

We are the fastest growing co-living community in Asia Pacific with over 100 properties in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo.

Through flexible rental leases, serviced rooms and community benefits, we provide our members with a seamless living experience that reflects the ever-changing demands of their increasingly mobile lifestyles. In doing so, we are changing the way people live by giving members the freedom, community and inspiration to live a more meaningful life.

Why furniture rental?

"Why not?"

If you lead a mobile life, there's no knowing if you’ll be in one place for a month or a decade. This uncertainty makes it hard to decide if you should invest in furniture or not, thus making fast furniture a top choice. 

Our latest furniture rental service steps up to the plate as a sustainable approach to reducing furniture waste resulting from buying fast furniture. It's a way to create a home as extraordinary as you.

The values of our furniture rental service align with your desire to lead a mobile lifestyle whilst also being able to enjoy stylish furniture. It's flexibility without compromising quality.

It will take a paradigm shift to switch from the ownership to the renting mindset. With reasons as compelling as these, it’s time for change.

Environmental Sustainability

When we buy less, we generate less waste. Who knew! Renting keeps non-recyclable fast furniture out of landfills longer, contributing towards a low-waste future. 

High Quality Furnishing

We also scrutinize how our furniture is made. We are gearing towards products made with green materials from FSC-accredited suppliers. Our manufacturers use low-waste production methods. Being directly connected with our manufacturers gives us more transparency and more involvement in the production process. 

Affordable Alternative

There lacks a happy medium of furniture that is high quality yet won’t break the bank. Available options are either cheap but not durable, or so expensive they ought to belong in a museum. With renting, we guarantee high quality, responsibly produced furniture at prices that you’ll feel are justified.


Furniture rental that gives you more options


1.Choose your furniture

    Our pieces are designed to be timeless, classic and versatile to fit any interior setting. We categorised our pieces based on function to simplify your search. Browse through our collection of pieces, pick what you need, add to cart and check out! You've done this a million times. 

    2.Delivery and assembly

      We will deliver, assemble and set up your furniture within a week of your order. Enjoy your stylish new digs without breaking a sweat.

      3.Return, swap or buyout

        Change of heart? Check out our Refund Policy. Growing fond of a particular item? It could be yours for less than retail price. You decide.